Govt. College for Women (Autonomous), Kumbakonam, India

Department of Economics

About the Department

            Economics Programme at the U.G level was introduced in the year 1968 (24/6/1968).  At the initial stage, the admitted strength was around 25.  Now the number has crossed 124.

            The sanctioned strength is 45 and 50  for English and Tamil Medium respectively. Depending upon the number of applications received and demand for this programme 10% to 30% increased admission is permitted.  At present we have 329 students in UG & PG classes.

            Being a Government College students are admitted on quota basis (OC 31%,BC26.5%, BC M3.5% MBC20% SC 15% ,SC A 3%  and ST 1%).  This enables the downtrodden communities hailing from remote villages to have the access to higher education.  The affordable fees structure is also an adding factor to their entry in colleges.

             Introduction of parallel medium of study (regional language has paved the way for increased registration for these courses.  Moreover the cash incentives given to them for their option to study in regional language and the option to write their exam either English or in regional language, the availability of different scholarships, introduction of job oriented courses like Computer Literacy Programme at minimum cost have accelerated their rush towards college education.  Our students are offered Commerce and Statistics as allied courses.  Now after the introduction of Choice Based Credit System(CBCS) which has come in to effect from the current academic year, the entire syllabus has been restructured catering to the current needs of the students.  Under the U.G Programme the students had 13 Core Courses, 6 Allied courses, 3 major based Elective courses,3 Skill based Elective course, 2 Non-major Elective based course,1 Value based Education, 1 Environmental studies and 1 Gender studies  besides the language papers.  They have a paper on Computer Application along with Computer Literacy Programme which has already been offered to them as a part of their regular curriculum stream.

            P.G Programme in Economics  has been introduced under Self Financing Category   from this  year 2005-2006 with a sanctioned strength of 20.It has been undertaken by the government  in year 2006-2007.The P.G Students have 14 Core Courses, 4 Elective course and they have to undertake a project work in final year 4th semester.

            In the year 2011-12 Research Programme was initiated. The report of the inspection commission appointed for considering grant of regonition was held on 12.01.2012 under the member of the commission Dr.S.Iyyampillai  Prof.of Economics Bharathidasan university , Trichy.

            The Course structure under CBCS for the U.G and P.G programme in Economics are given in the enclosed tables. The students are offered different courses aiming at enriching their knowledge, inculcated the sprit of analytical thinking and have a vast exposure to other different disciplines.

            The papers on Computer Application, Managerial Economics Entrepreneurial Development are worth mentioning here which would motivate the students to have self-confidence and have a creative thinking.

            The students who usually rush towards the study of commerce and Computer Science Programmes will now be inspired & enthusiastically come forward to opt for the study of Economics programme understanding its scope and importance in right perspective.  This discipline will not stand as secondary option for students in future.

Faculty Members

  • Ms. V. Lakshmi   M.A, M.Phil.
    Associate Professor
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  • Ms. S. Rajarajeswari   M.A, M.Phil.,B.Ed., D.L.L
    Assistant Professor
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