Govt. College for Women (Autonomous), Kumbakonam, India



                As per the stipulations of Bharathidasan University, each Departments which have been recognized to conduct full / part time Research Programmes its monitored by a Departmental Research Committee (DRC) while the research programmes of the institution are reviewed by the Research Cell headed by the senior most research Supervisor. Some of the recommendation of the research cell are the following.
An active Research Cell which promotes research culture by conducting seminars, symposia, intellectual discussions with external subject experts .Some of the recommendations of the research cell are the following.

  • To scrutinize the validity or eligibility of the research proposals submitted by the Faculty.
  • Presenting a seminar every year for full time research scholars has been made mandatory.
  • To encourage the faculty to apply for
                i. Sponsored research projects.
                ii. Travel support for attending conference abroad
               iii. Book grant
               iv. Organizing Seminar/ Workshop / Conference
  • To create an awareness among the faculty on obtaining citation index, h-index etc.
  • To encourage the students apply for student projects funded by TANSCHE, TNSCST, etc.,

Research Departments

1. Tamil
2. English
3. Maths
4. Physics Centre for Nonlinear Science (CeNSc)
5. Zoology (Centre for Animal Studies (CAS))
6. Commerce
7. Chemistry


Consultancy Services

            The College management does not oppose the faculty members in offering free consultancy services on issues pertaining to the benefit of the society as mandated by the Govt. of Tamil Nadu. Even though the institution does not have a well defined consultancy policy like other private Colleges, it conducts several workshop/symposia through UGC Autonomous grant inviting external experts to share their expertise with the students and the society