Govt. College for Women (Autonomous), Kumbakonam, India

Department of Zoology

About the Department

                The science that explains the world of animals, their evolution, the present forms over time, their habitats and food habits and their co-existence with each other is called Zoology. 

            The knowledge of Zoology is essential to experience the wonders of nature in the fullest. The Study of Zoology is an excellent discipline for mind.  This is true for all sciences but particularly for life sciences that have a unique role in man’s cultural pattern.  Biological concepts influence our thinking in every realm of human interest.  As man himself is a product of the biological heritage, the study of Zoology is of practical importance.

            Hence the Department of Zoology, the branch of science with much significance to mankind was started in the year 1969 in this prestigious institution with 25 students in Tamil medium and 25 students in EM with chemistry and Botany as allied subjects.

            Based on the demand for the course in admission, the strength was increased to 50 in Tamil medium and 33 in English medium during 1983.  By the tireless effort of the faculty, the department was recognized as research Centre for conducting Full time and Part time research program for doctoral degree during the year 2011 by Bharathidasan University. In 2012, PG in Zoology was started by the department with an intake capacity of 20 students. And it was revised to 25 in 2014 to meet the demand for the course.

             Our department also has many distinguished alumni who serve as doctors, professors, and teachers and also in public service.  Two of our Post graduate students received research grants from Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology.  Our students are academically doing well with a consistent pass percentage of above 95%.  Every year there is a record for University rank holders which show their academic standard.

Faculty Members

  • Dr. S. Venkatalakshmi   M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.,
    Associate Professor & Head
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  • Dr.A.V. Kavitha   M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.,
    Assistant Professor
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  • Dr. D. Soumady   M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D., PGDTA., PGDCA
    Assistant Professor
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  1. Dr.M.Varadharajan, HOD of Zoology and Wild Life Biology has delivered on special lecture on “Fascinating Honey Bees” on 09.01.2014

  2. Motivated by his lecture the department organized a three day training programme on “Bee Keeping” for sixty students, ten staff members and five self help group women members from 27.02.2014 to 01.03.2014. They were trained for maintaining honey bees, to collect, pollen, to prepare royal jelly, bee wax and to culture queen bees. The students were given certificate which is eligible for applying bank loan and State Government /Central Government programmes. The Training was given by Mr.T.Wilson , Rtd ,Kadhi Village Commission Supervisor , Marthandam. Following their department is maintaining one bee colony in the Animal House.

  3. Cooking Nutritive recipies without stove competition was conducted on 20.02.2014

  4. Subject Quiz Competition in Zoology was conducted on 21.02.2014